Tree Planter

ReForest London hosts public tree planting events that bring together members of the London community. We invite Londoners of all ages and abilities to help us plant trees during these events. Equipment is provided, but if you have your own shovel, please bring it.

If your group is larger than 10 people, please contact Rose Cahill, our Volunteer Coordinator, to find out about registering your group.

Responsibilities & Time Commitment

  • Dig holes
  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Carry buckets of compost and mulch
  • Stake trees
  • Remove invasive species

Time Commitment: Events are typically 2-3 hours on the weekends in the spring and fall.


No training or registration is required. We teach you how to plant a tree at the start of every planting event, so please arrive on time.


No previous experience required.


No Special Skills required

Other Requirements

  • Capable of lifting a minimum of 10 pounds
  • Able to use a shovel
  • Able to work in dirty conditions

Complementary Roles

If you are interested in this volunteer role then you may also want to check out our Tree Aftercare Assistant and Tree Specialist roles.

To Apply

Drop-ins are welcome at any of our planting events. However, if you wish to be notified of events in advance, please fill out our volunteer application form and indicate “Tree Planter” as an area of interest.

A list of upcoming events can be found here.