Community Liaison

ReForest London is frequently asked to attend community events to share information about our organization. Community Liaisons act as the voice of ReForest London during these occasions. They engage with community members and spread the word about our organization, the Million Tree Challenge and how others can get involved!

Volunteers in this role facilitate booths for ReForest London, passing on information about our programs and volunteer opportunities. They may also give away tree seedlings or sell Tree Gifts at events.

Responsibilities & Time Commitment

  • Staffing a ReForest London display
  • Helping with setup and/or take-down
  • Telling people about our programs and volunteering opportunities
  • Encouraging people to sign up for our email list and to take our flyers
  • Encouraging people to register trees to the Million Tree Challenge
  • Giving away seedlings
  • Selling tree gifts, t-shirts or other items
  • Keeping track of money from donations and sales

Time Commitment: 3 hour shifts. Must attend two shifts a year (or more)


  • Prerequisite: Please take ReForest London Orientation before attending this training
  • Time Commitment: Community Liaison training consists of one 1 hour classroom session.
  • Our Expectations: If you become a Community Liaison, we expect you to assist at TWO shifts a year (but feel free to do more)
  • Check out the Powerpoint Presentation before or after the training for more information

For additional information regarding this specialized role, please view our Volunteer Resources


No previous experience required.


  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to interact with members of the public

Other Requirements

No other requirements needed.

Complementary Roles

If you are interested in this volunteer role then you may also want to check out our Storyteller and Tree Teacher roles.

To Apply

Please fill out our volunteer application form and indicate “Community Liaison” as an area of interest.